Leadership Development Program is Launched

Phase 2 of Student Mentoring Program

The Florida STC Chapter has initiated a creative new Leadership Development Program (LDP) entitled Passing the Torch. The program is designed to accelerate the professional development of the young leaders who are now moving into leadership positions within our community.

The program pairs veteran community members, the “LDP Coaches,” with the “Rising Stars” who are in the process of taking the reins of chapter leadership.

Many of the Rising Stars are likely to be “graduates” of the chapter’s flourishing student mentoring program in partnership with the Future Technical Communicators (FTC) Club at the University of Central Florida, although the LDP is not restricted to that talent pipeline. Pairings are based on the Coaches’ and Rising Stars’ self-evaluated leadership profiles ranking themselves on 18 key leadership skills.

The LDP will be less formal than the student mentoring program. The approximate timeframe for each LDP pairing will be one chapter year. For details on this exciting new program, see the announcement in the April 2018 edition of our chapter newsletter, Memo to Members, as well as the materials below.

At the heart of the LDP is the just-published Fast-Start Leader’s Guide by STC Fellow, three-time Orlando Chapter president, and former Society Board of Directors member Mike Murray, who is also serving as Lead Coach in the first year of the LDP. For a book review on this landmark work, see the publication announcement in the April 2018 edition of Memo to Members.