The Florida Chapter of STC, in conjunction with UCF, is proud to announce its annual mentoring program, pairing veterans from the front lines of industry with talented technical communication students. The goal: to bridge the gap between industry and academe.

For details on eligibility and commitment, please click on the links below and read the following information.

If you have any questions or comments about the program, please feel free to contact the program coordinators.

To apply for the Florida Chapter mentoring program as either a mentor or a mentee, click on the link below and follow instructions.

Application Forms

Once you have been notified of selection, click on the link below and follow instructions.

Agreement Form

Definition of Mentoring

Mentoring is a way for more experienced technical communicators to share their experiences with new or less experienced “mentees.” A mentor acts as a trusted counselor, or guide, who assists the mentee in setting and achieving goals for developing career direction and skills

By participating in a mentor/mentee relationship, mentors develop valuable skills that can further their personal and professional development as well.

The relationship between mentor and mentee* requires honesty, openness, commitment, and effort by both individuals. If they are willing to put forth the effort, there are enormous benefits to be realized.

In a mentoring relationship, mentor and mentee:

  • Identify objectives, goals, and developmental needs.
  • Define and establish a plan to accomplish mentee goals.
  • Meet regularly in person or via phone or email to review and evaluate progress.

A successful mentoring relationship benefits those involved through increased confidence and a sense of direction. The relationship provides a risk-free learning environment in which to offer career guidance.

Mentoring relationships can develop between individuals within an organization, between individuals in two different organizations, or between students and STC professionals.

Mentoring is NOT:

  • Casual advice
  • Necessarily for everyone
  • On-the-job training
  • A guarantee of a successful career

* For our purposes, we have adopted the term mentee instead of protégé. Not all lexicographers have swallowed that coinage yet, but we believe it is a matter of linguistic reality at this point. To any linguistic purists who take umbrage, deal with it! 🙂

Application Forms

The Florida Chapter of STC invites you to apply for its mentoring program. To apply:

Use the following application forms for mentor or mentee.

Following applications, the program coordinators and chapter president will establish mentor-mentee teams that provide an optimal match of goals, skills, and styles. Your program coordinator will email you your team information and invite you to the mentoring kickoff via email.

Agreement Form

The mentor/mentee agreement form is designed to serve both as a preliminary outline of participant goals and as an icebreaker for a team’s first face-to-face meeting.

  1. Download the Mentor–Mentee Agreement Form and bring it to the kick-off meeting.
  2. You will be introduced to your mentor at the kick-off meeting. With your mentor, set your objectives for your mentoring relationship and plan some activities that will help you achieve those objectives.
  3. After the meeting, type your answers on the Mentor/Mentee Agreement form.
  4. Save form as “mentorname-menteenameAgreement.pdf”
  5. Email form to

Invest in the Future: Sponsor Your Own STC Community’s Student Mentoring Program!

  • Click here for a print-ready PDF (5.97MB) of the comprehensive reference guide on student mentoring programs that was distributed during the Leadership Program at the 60th international STC conference in Atlanta, May 5–8, 2013.
  • For the editable source files for the materials in the reference guide, contact the program coordinators at the Florida STC Chapter Education Committee.  This will save you time by not having to reinvent the wheel when it comes to program guidelines, administrative forms, etc.
  • If you are a member of an STC geographic community or SIG interested in sponsoring a student mentoring program, use the same contact.
  • For a comprehensive overview of STC’s student mentoring initiative, see this article in the newsletter of the October 2013 STC-India conference.

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